Meal Time!

      From the get-go, new moms and babies need feeding pillows to make mealtime comfortable for everyone. Nook has some adorable options that are not just cute, but 100% organic, too! We love Nook products because they keep our children comfortable and bolster local economies – Nook’s Niche Feeding Pillows are made in the USA!

      A breast pump is an essential item for any breastfeeding mother. Lucky for you, we have some of the best in breast pump technology. From the Motif Medical Luna Breast Pump, with its simple sturdy design, or the Elvie Double Electric, with the wireless design that makes it perfect to take anywhere. Our options are great for any nursing mother on the go. 

      Modern Nursery also carries the best high chair options. From super sleek and modern options to traditional, rustic wooden designs. Our high chairs prioritize your baby’s safety and comfort. We even carry booster seats, cushions, and snack trays to personalize your high chair to your baby’s needs. If your baby is a messy eater? We have you covered with our super cute, baby bibs. Try our Childhome Jersey Bibs. These bibs are extra long to protect from any spills. 

      When the baby moves away from bottles, it’s time to check out our selection of baby food cookers! Products like the Beaba Babycook Original Plus offer steam cooking to cook foods while preserving vitamins and flavors. The Babycook Original Plus functions as a steamer, blender, warmer, and defroster, helping you quickly and painlessly prepare food for babies.

      Finally, when mealtime is over, your baby may need a diaper change. Fortunately, our changing pads are some of the best. For example, our Hatch Baby Changing pad helps you monitor your baby’s weight while getting in a quick change. This changing pad even has an app that connects to your smartphone for even more ways to track your tot’s health. Be sure to check out our Smart Nurture and Grow Bundle if your baby’s health is your top priority.


      41 products

      41 products